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The 3% Marketing | We Sell Profits At A Discount | People Based Marketing Using Behavioral Traces & Predictive Marketing

We Sell Profits At A Discount


Stop marketing to the 97% that have no interest in what you have to offer and focus on the 3% in the market actively pursuing A purchase of What You Sell!



What are you looking for in your marketing?

If you are here on The 3% Marketing website looking for a solution that produces an outcome for any of the problems below, we may have the strategy that creates your solution.

  • Low Market Share
  • High Cost Per Acquisition
  • Low Conversions
  • Stagnate Growth Strategy
  • Low Competitive Advantage
  • Poor Branding
  • Low Profits
  • No Exclusivity
  • Low Return On Investment

Problems Solved:
We @ The 3% Marketing will solve all of these for you using 3% next-generation tech machine learning.
"I.AM A.I."



3% Marketing


Is Proud
To Present

Next level marketing strategies using behavioral traces with machine learning for identity resolution of the 3% in market actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.


People Based Marketing Using Behavioral Traces & Predictive Marketing


It is 2018 & consumers love to research and engage with multiple brands online before they decide who to purchase from. It normally starts with researching their ideal product or service on a website, checking the 5 star ratings, looking at how often the item has been bought and comparing the product on other apps, review sites, and maps before deciding whether or not to purchase. These steps that are taken before a consumer settles on a final purchase decision, are key for businesses trying to understand and identify the needs of their customers. All the while having to deal with a sales cycle sometimes lasting weeks, if not months in some cases before the potential customer decides to make that purchase.





As a marketing Agency, the primary goal should always be a continuous effort in finding new strategies to help you find and target new quality leads for your sales team or product funnels for however long the sales cycle of your business runs. If you do not have a marketing strategy in place to sustainability increase your ROIC, then it may be time to look at new strategies!



Marketing To The Masses VS. targeting The 3% In Market


At any given moment in time there is 3% of the population that is in fact actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell. So imagine for a minute that you are planning on running a few digital billboard ads at the local college football game and the stadium will be sold out with 30,000 potential customers. Your current strategy does not provide enough targeted data to identify your ideal customer match, so you go ahead & run ads throughout the game and during breaks to everyone in the stadium in hope that the 3% of people that are in market for your product or service look up at the ad and walk away from the game remembering that short glimpse of your products value proposition. Now that is a lot of "ifs" and "maybes" in that strategy. It's like the old quote goes "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half" and all the while you are still pumping out ad spend like crazy for the minimal ROI.


Enter Stage Right ~ The 3% In Market Leads


Now what if we told you before the game, as the crowd was entering the stadium, and before you run your ads, that everyone who is interested in buying your product or service will be wearing a red striped shirt. We gave you an easier way to target your potential customer, but that's still not good enough. So what if we told you that everyone wearing a red striped shirt would also be wearing a large tag with their name, email, and phone number on it, then during half time we called them all down to line up and shake hands with you and find out if you are the product or service for them. After all, they are in market for what you sell.



Hold up, let's back up for a second because you are probably wondering why are they lining up to meet our company?


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The 3% Marketing is a division of Anderson SEO and we are 1 of a select few marketing agencies partnered with this proprietary technology. Please book a time below to see if your business is a good fit for this platform.

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