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Hiring Sales Reps & Sales Managers

If you are ambitious, highly motivated and driven and want to work with a vibrant group of highly talented, aspiring and brilliant minds, then come and join us as we disrupt the marketing world using Artificial Intelligence and predictive people based marketing to take businesses to a whole new level.


Sales Manager



Sell Guaranteed Results


If you’re looking for a sales career selling what every Business wants …

We are currently looking for talented Sales Managers to help expand our offering: multi-channel advertising and in market targeting platform.


The Sales Manager is a Senior Position within the company. This position is the pinnacle of the sales organization and will assist in hiring, training and managing Sales Reps.


The Sales Manager’s responsibilities are to manage the day to day activities of their Sales Reps. Help develop plans and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s sales goals.


If you’re interested in a Recurring 250k+ opportunity that:


  • Allows you to lead a team of sales reps to sell what every Business wants: profitable sales leads from their advertising.
  • Allows you to earn what you’re worth
  • The ability to sell the most advanced and powerful ‘in-the-market ad platform on the market.
  • All the sales tools, training, and support you will ever need.


This is a Full Commission Position.

We require seasoned professionals who have experience leading successful sales teams.




Sell Guaranteed Sales – 150k+ Potential

We sell what every business wants – Prospects who are actively shopping for the products they sell in real time.

We’re looking for talented & highly motivated Sales Representatives.

If you’re interested in a 150k+ opportunity that:

  • Allows you to offer what every business wants: Profitable prospects who are actively shopping for the products they sell
  • Uncapped Income allows you to earn what you’re worth and designed for those with income goals exceeding 150k.
  • All the sales tools, training and support you will ever need.
  • Residual commissions

This is a Full Commission Position.


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