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Stop Marketing To The Masses & Start Targeting The 3% In Market In Real Time

Imagine for a minute that you are planning on running billboard ads at the local college football game and the stadium will be sold out with 30,000 potential customers. But your current strategy does not provide enough data for your ideal customer, so you run ads throughout the game and during breaks to everyone in the stadium in hope that the 3% of people that are in market for your product or service look up at the ad and walk away from the game remembering that short glimpse of your products value proposition. Now that is a lot of "ifs" and "maybes" for your strategy, and all the while you are still pumping out all your ad spend like crazy.

Now what if we told you before the game, as the crowd was entering the stadium, and before you run your ads, that everyone who is interested in buying your product or service will be wearing a red striped shirt. We gave you an easier way to target your potential customer, but that still not good enough. So what if we told you that everyone wearing a red striped shirt would also be wearing a large tag with their name, email, and phone number on it, then during half time we called them all down to line up and shake hands with you and find out if you are the product or service for them. After all, they are in market for what you sell.

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Ok wait let's back it up for a second because you are probably wondering why are they lining up to meet our company?


So your typical sales cycle runs about 2 weeks and for the past 2 weeks leading up to this day we have been showing ads to these exact "in market" people with your value proposition. But not just once and not just on one channel. No, we have been keeping you at the top of their minds, no matter what devise and no matter what platform. In fact, some of them just read your ad as they checked their Facebook feed between quarters.



 Hold up, wait one second! You mean to tell me that not only can you point out our potential customers who are actually "in market" right now in real time, but you can also give our company identity resolution on an Omnichannel level at the same time?



Yes! What we are saying is that since we have now found "Waldo" (aka your ideal 3% in market customer), you are no longer marketing to the over saturated market place. This in turn brings advertising costs down and drives profitability "all the way up", leaving you room to strategize your next product development, open new locations, and really start to grow your company to the next level.

In simple terms, people based marketing refers to the gathering of behavioral data about your customers and identifying behavioral patterns to recognize who is "in market" in real time and be able to reach them on any platform with your message.


At any given time, for any given product or service, there are only 3% of the US population that are currently "in market" right now to buy your product or service. It basically boils down to connecting your brand to the 3% of the market that are the individuals who are seeking what you offer, and with the appropriate message on a consistent basis using a multi-channel approach, you will stay at the top of their mind.

Custom audiences on Facebook were the pioneer of the "people based marketing" concept, as advertisers were allowed to tie their CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) data to their user Ids, hence enhancing their target product to their marketer. In the wake of this, Google and Twitter followed suit with adopting a similar approach in consumer outreach. Currently people based marketing solutions are available on several platforms, namely eBay, Live Ramp, Amazon just to mention a few, with more than 5 million results on various pages available on the initiative. 


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A Deterministic marketing strategy unlike anything you have seen before. The 3% Marketing is using machine learning to identify behavioral traces of your sites visitors so that we can properly identity your ideal customer that is in market pursuing a purchase of what you sell in real time.

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The 3% Marketing is a division of Anderson SEO and we are 1 of a very few marketing agencies licensed to resell this proprietary technology. Please book a time to see if your business is a good fit for this platform.

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